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Coffee Table Essentials

A coffee table is the focal point of many conversation areas and can be the piece that shakes a space up. I tell my clients to get gutsy with a coffee table because it can make a serious statement. Step out of your comfort zone here! This Karl Springer style table would create chic juxtaposition […]

Dressmaker Details

The devil is in the details. I think that is true for most everything done successfully  in life. I seem to have a passion for dressmaker details and after looking at some of my older work it is fun to see how I have used them in my creations. I designed this little number to […]

Ain’t No Sunshine

I am feeling the need for an injection of color these days.  The grey days and icy mixes need an aesthetic melting. A pop of canary yellow would stop the chill.   I always push my clients to give the laundry room meaning and make it fun! Make the everyday not so everyday…Create a garden […]

Winter Blues

Winter blue is the sexiest shade of blue with it’s icy silver shimmer. It is a blue I love to be in and around. I designed this bedroom in winter blues and popped it with lavender. The painting above the bed weights the soft colors with silver grey hues that create some nice juxtaposition that […]

Christmas Chic

It is time… break out the boxes and get creative.     I will start with the tree in my foyer then sprinkle a little Christmas chic in every room. I will have a blue Christmas without you. Fresh flowers, boxwood, magnolia and white lights. I will have my hands full this weekend.  I plan […]

Celebrate in Southern Style

It is hard to believe the holidays are upon us. I was so thrilled to see my tabletop designs in Southern Cottage magazine for their “Celebrate in Southern Style” issue.   The greenery and roaring fire on the cover make me want to curl up on the sofa with a hot cocktail. My spread is […]

Pray for Columbia

I have been keeping tabs on my hometown via Facebook and phone. The images are heartbreaking and I am praying for all of my childhood friends. My grandparents old home on Lake Katherine is no longer. Love and prayers to all of my fellow Columbians. Mixing you,

Leopard Love

I have been stuck on the theme “modern classics” lately while there is also the concept of “true classic”. The leopard motif is what I call a “true classic”. Often clients will ask when I pull a leopard print if it is trendy and will it go out of style. This happens more often when […]

Lusting for Lucite

Why do I love lucite…     It is non committal . I am all about the material that just melts in with the things around it. Lucite is easy to be with. It is visually weightless. Sometimes your eye needs a break when reading a room. Lucite gives you a “visual rest” while taking […]

Table Talk

A coffee table is the key element that anchors a seating area. Height, width, depth, material, leg style and apron detail are a few of the thoughts I have in mind as I scour images looking for “the one”. I like a high coffee table, somewhere between coffee and tea table height. A chunky table […]