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Light Bright

Lighting plans and selections usually take place long before fabrics, furniture, and wallcoverings  make it to the table. It is often hard to hunker down and knock it out but let me tell you… FOCUS… these are big decisions that can make or break good design work. Lighting is one of the most important elements […]

Closet Series Part 3… All that Fluff

The work is done now it’s time to have some fun. Do you want a neutral backdrop for your collection or a pop of color? I have done both for my clients and personally I popped a color. It’s your choice. A closet should be about you and your personal style. Everything in this space […]

Closet Series Part 2… Edit, Organize, Measure.

A closet is the most personal space I design for my client’s. My passion for fashion helps me understand their needs which helps the design process evolve. I love my own closet and am eager to assist in breaking down the design elements. A closet can be many things to it’s inhabitant. A place to […]

Closet Series Part 1… Passion for Fashion

My passion for fashion started when I was a young girl. Shopping and dressing up in heels, hats, and costumes that were frothy and frilly was pure fun for me. I bought my first mink coat when I turned 16 with my own money. The ability to work hard to acquire things I wanted was […]

Be My Guest

What are the key design features for a great guest bedroom? You can take two approaches , 1. Creating a serene space for your guest. 2. Step out of your box, have fun! work with a color or theme you have always wanted to use but got cold feet in the process. Remember, it is […]

Summer Loving

What do you love about summer? I love the sunshine and water. Swimming and tanning keep me sane during the months of humidity and heat. There is something about the high temperatures that relax me and take me back to my childhood in South Carolina. Imagery can conjure up a moment in time that instantly […]

Design Legends Series Part Three: Dorothy Draper

After studying up on Dorothy Draper I feel that visual imagery is the best way to understand her work. A beautiful woman who’s personal glamour was projected fearlessly into her “baroque fantasy” style of decorating.             Dorothy’s mix of patterns, cultures, and use of pure imagination created iconic interiors that […]

Design Legend Series Part One: Elsie De Wolfe

Style setter, actress, business woman, and a free spirit who lived to be different Elsie de Wolfe blazed the interior design trail in 1910. At age 40, after acting on stage in New York, Elsie found her true gift was in set design. She wanted to find a way to bring that talent into homes that were […]

Placement for Statement

Placing and spacing paintings, collections or any objects de art can make or break a great concept. I have spent many years looking at things in closets, attics and garages spinning the options in my mind of how to give life to framed beauties with no home. The main guideline is your anchor piece should […]

New Brand Video

I can’t call 2014 a wrap without presenting my new brand video. I was asked to describe my design style while preparing for this shoot. It was actually a great process for me because I realized that my design style is what connects me to my clients and my clients to each other. Old clients, […]