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Southern Soul

A Southerner has never met a season that didn’t need to be celebrated – and spring is one of our favorite times to get dressed up and raise a glass. Just think of the Kentucky Derby, with the finery, hats, and drinks. You would almost forget there’s a horse race. And most of us have […]

Color Me Spring 2015

  SPRING IT ON!!!!!       Spring is a time to celebrate the gifts of color and we see this clearly via these 2015 images of art and design.                         Color combinations to think about incorporating into your life.         […]

Who me, a Floral?

As spring approaches I fall in love with color and flowers all over again … every year. Fresh flowers in the house, plans for the gardens, containers and decorating. Florals are patterns I rarely use yet I love flowers. So what is the problem?     I want to figure this out because in between […]