Wild Holiday

Jaguar Jungle China by Lynn Chase

Jaguar Jungle China by Lynn Chase


The second of my tabletop series, “Wild Holiday” is filled with whimsy and sophistication. My fine china is Jaguar Jungle by Lynn Chase. What better way to celebrate the festive season than with this bold pattern decorated with jaguars, exotic flower, birds and butterflies. These are a few of my favorite things, playful yet seriously sophisticated.


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By Gray Walker


The jaguar print tablecloth creates an unexpected mood for a holiday meal. Mixing purple and chartreuse with hints of gold give the table a holiday shimmer. Placing my Herend collection around the table nestled beneath the centerpiece gives dimension to the table jungle.  The glowing russet votives glisten while reflecting candlelight on all surfaces.



Tabletop By Gray Walker


It’s fun to pull in different chairs to mix it up even more. I selected my folding bamboo chairs for this table. They are classic and can be used anywhere! I keep mine folded in a closet and love to pull them to the garden or in a formal setting. Reflection, light, color, material and pattern get this tabletop ready for a wild holiday party. Cheers!


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Tabletop By Gray Walker




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