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Southern Soul

A Southerner has never met a season that didn’t need to be celebrated – and spring is one of our favorite times to get dressed up and raise a glass. Just think of the Kentucky Derby, with the finery, hats, and drinks. You would almost forget there’s a horse race. And most of us have […]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

There is nothing that soothes my soul more than being in my garden. It’s the first week of spring and small shoots are coming up to remind me that it’s almost time to lose myself in blooms, warm soil, and greenery. My mother taught me that a Southern garden should be well tended but sometimes […]

Bohemian Rhapsody

I’m a bit boho at heart – I like the mix of funky fringe and fabulous color. It’s a balancing act of pattern and exotic flavor. Where else would you find a quick lesson in Greek (key), accompanied by a trip to Pakistan via China? Boho is all about being natural and colorful, about enjoying […]

Light Bright

The most functional items in your house aren’t always the most beautiful – except when it comes to the fixtures that provide us with light. There are jewel-like designs that will reflect the light like diamonds. Breathtaking chandeliers that are organic and inspiring. Whimsical bubbles float in serene pale green that glow against gold. Chinoiserie […]

Walking Home

New York Fashion Week is my muse for home decor trends – and this season there were amazing looks that I know will walk off the runway and into the homes I design. Most of all, I loved the mixology in this season’s shows: teal and black, Victorian and Edwardian, stripes and solids. Rodarte mixed […]

Dressmaker Details

The devil is in the details. I think that is true for most everything done successfully  in life. I seem to have a passion for dressmaker details and after looking at some of my older work it is fun to see how I have used them in my creations. I designed this little number to […]

Wrap It Up

Every year I seem to choose a theme for gift wrapping because the look I get under the tree makes me happy. Here are some thoughts as I prepare to purchase my wrapping goodies. GET GRAPHIC GO NATURAL PUNCH OF COLOR FOILED ! ART SMART When shopping for wrapping supplies I buy with my theme […]

Thankful II

Reflecting back on this past year I am thankful for three things. The happiness of my family, good health, and a firm foundation of love for my children to come and go from as they grow older. I strive to keep that firm foundation of love decorated fabulously and I do believe that all of […]


Holiday imagery is all over the internet as luxury lines get their websites in the mood for shopping. These images provoke moods of romance and tradition and I find them luring me in as I shop online. Jo Malone is always first on my list for my mother. It may be time for a new […]

Forever Green

The leaves are coming down and it’s about time for my gardens to rest for the winter. I am thinking about going all green this year with  low maintenance containers that will work well as my Christmas decorations with some added oomph in December. Here are some images that light my fire… I love the […]