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Winter Blues

Winter blue is the sexiest shade of blue with it’s icy silver shimmer. It is a blue I love to be in and around. I designed this bedroom in winter blues and popped it with lavender. The painting above the bed weights the soft colors with silver grey hues that create some nice juxtaposition that […]

Black Magic

Black is not a color it is actually the absence of color. Black evokes many emotions while exuding sheer confidence. Black is elegant, sophisticated, mysterious and sexy. Why did John Singer Sargent paint his muse Madame X in black? He saw all of these qualities in her.           The use of […]

Divine Dining

Sometimes in modern homes, the formal dining room gets nixed and many people opt for a more casual dining space. Either way, a beautiful dining area will make you wonder why anyone goes out to eat! My favorite thing about the Jan Showers dining room is the mix. The pairing of white chairs with a […]