Start Me Up

Currently my work is in “start up” gear with several renovations. My favorite things to work around are antiques, art, and family treasures. Objects of this kind seem to start a fire in me and once I get rolling I do feel like Mick Jagger dancing furiously across the stage. I have a passionate creative energy that fires up very naturally when the right pieces are in play. I was taught as a child to respect family heirlooms and antiques by my parents.

My goal in my design work is to give new life to these objects by integrating them into an interior speaking a new language.


It is really like mixing a great cocktail. This is when the wheels start turning and my clients get very quiet waiting to hear what I might blurt out with reckless abandon. I either get a huge smile or my favorite quote, ” I don’t just LOVE that idea”. Isn’t that so southern and ladylike?

Bless you my beautiful belles. I am always eager to meet ancestors I have heard about in oil on canvas. It is a fabulous way to leave this earth with a glamorous piece of you for those you have not yet met. I will even design a room around you! Some objects can be so serious, I like to break the rules and have some fun.

I am working feverishly to make some magic happen, once you start me up I never stop. Stay tuned.


Mixing you,