Placement for Statement

Placing and spacing paintings, collections or any objects de art can make or break a great concept. I have spent many years looking at things in closets, attics and garages spinning the options in my mind of how to give life to framed beauties with no home. The main guideline is your anchor piece should center up allowing smaller pieces to flow from it.



Interior by Gray Walker.


I have collected antique sepia drawings since I was 25. I was in a fabulous antique store and gravitated to the framed cameos and had to have them. They sat in a closet for years and one day I pulled them out and played with this grouping in my living room. Later a stunning vignette was born. Hanging a group of objects is really about balance, scale and proportion. A group can be symmetrical or asymmetrical , it depends on the pieces you are working with and the hanging space available.

Southern Accents Image 4

Interior by Josie McCarthy.



Interior by Stephen Gambrel.

It is fun to place the grouping on the floor look at it and think a bit. It is easy to add and subtract… always save a bit of wall paint for nail holes!


Mixing you,