New Brand Video

I can’t call 2014 a wrap without presenting my new brand video. I was asked to describe my design style while preparing for this shoot. It was actually a great process for me because I realized that my design style is what connects me to my clients and my clients to each other. Old clients, new clients and clients I have yet to meet. We all have a common connection aesthetically and emotionally and that is what I have been working for all of my career.


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We are not called steel magnolias for no reason.


So what is my brand? The backbone of my design work is my southern heritage. I am a South Carolina girl who was taught many lessons growing up on how to be a southern lady. Seriously, by my grandmothers and mother. Just like the movies… it is not a joke. Now, did I buy into all of the lessons and rules? Maybe, maybe not. The fact is I know the rules but I was never a rule follower. My love of daring to be different seemed to get in the way of the rules.



White gloves and dancing starts in fourth grade.


I do have a passion for history, family, and the lessons I was taught whether I followed the code of conduct or not. I am fascinated by Southern history and the women who play a major role in the traditions and handing them down to the next generation. I am also in love with travel, art, old Hollywood glamour and contemporary culture. The process of creating an interior integrating each of these passions is when my work begins.


A girl has got to find her design style.


Please check  out my new brand video                                 I look forward to a creative 2015 … Cheers!!!!


Mixing you,