Color Story

Easter is almost here and all of the things that come with it. The end of a long cold winter leads us to celebrating the joy of color. Flowers in the garden, the scents of nature, a vibrant sky and birds once again chirping with happiness. I have always loved the hues of Easter and the moods and memories they evoke.


I did lots of these color studies in design school. Truly not as easy as it appears.



Have you ever wondered what the significance of Easter colors were? Well, I did while running this evening, so I have done some research. Here are some of my favorites.


GREEN: The color green brings a ray of hope. Green is the color of grass.



Wind blown green grass feels fresh and clean.



How many shades can Crayola create?


ORANGE:  The color represents hope. It is associated with the dawn of day.



A new day.



Happy umbrellas for the beach or poolside.


PINK:  The Easter color pink indicates a fresh beginning.



A pink rose in bloom.




How ironic, a pink background…


Yellow:  This Easter color is related to the brightness of the sun. It is a color that brings us joy and happiness.



This image makes me happy, think about it, does it remind you of a smiley face???




Good morning, day, night… this kitchen is always going to bring joy. Via Veranda.


WHITE:  Yes, it is actually a color. signifies purity and grace.



White doves.




Do you think Marilyn was photographed in white often to create a juxtaposition.. I do.


This color study has got me thinking… what will I wear Easter Sunday? Check your closet, it is almost here.


Mixing you,