Bunny Love

Have you ever had that 10 second exchange of eye contact and words that you knew would lead to more? I love those connections and mine have blossomed  into great friendships and experiences. A dear friend purposely seated me next to Angele Parlange at a dinner party. The chatter never ended and lead to a rum punch lunch on the beach the next day, as well as many Thelma and Louise style experiences later.



Louisiana lovely, Angele Parlange.



Our meeting place, a very special time at Christmas.



A painting by the artist who seated me next to Angele, Holly Cunningham.


Fast forward seven years and I get a phone call, while on the soccer field, from Angele saying I must go meet her friend Hunt Slonem who was lecturing at the Mint Museum in three hours. I dash home after the game and pull out my most colorful frock to meet this abstract expressionist.I arrive quite late and Hunt graciously asked me to dinner. I was heading to New York the next week and went to Hunt’s studio which was like winning the golden ticket to see Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.



Abstract expressionist, Hunt Slonem.


Fast forward three years and Hunt is stuck in Charlotte because of snow in NYC, he calls me for dinner. I call my close friend Allison Sprock , a talented gallery owner, to tell her I will pick her up in an hour we are going to dinner. We had a grand time in what I like to call our “own zone”. That is the conversation of creative people who talk about ten things at once but somehow have quite intellectual exchange of thoughts.



Allison Sprock sitting on the porch of Allison Sprock Fine Art in Charlotte, N.C. Another ten second connection kind of friend.


I am thrilled Hunt will be in Charlotte for his book signing of “Bunnies” on April 11th at Allison Sprock Fine Art. All of this transpired by Holly Cunningham seating me next to Angele Parlange for our annual reunion in Boca Grande, Florida. Angele’s book is on my bedside table, a painting of Holly’s anchors my living room and Hunt will be at Allison’s gallery April 11th. That is what I call good kharma or we could call it bunny love.



Ruby Red Bunny by Hunt Slonem.


Mixing you,