Allure of Flowers

We have amazing museums in Charlotte but one of my favorites is the Mint Museum in the heart of Uptown. I recently stepped in for a visit, drawn in by the new exhibit, “Allure of Flowers.”


The exhibit focused on the use of flowers in design, fashion, and art. I love to use flowers in my designs so it was incredible to take a walk through the history of botanical motifs in craft and design.


I’ve seen icons like Twiggy dressed in this aster-print that was so popular in the ‘60s, and the one above actually started the disposable clothing craze. In the late ‘60s, a coupon was printed on Scott paper products that consumers could send in, along with $1, to get this polyester dress.  Crazy cool!


Also in the ‘60s, Eero Saarinen needed a solution to the design problem of having too many legs around a dining table. He designed a streamlined pedestal chair inspired by a tulip, above. These chairs continue to be a part of nostalgic design and they really bloom!


Peonies, my favorite!

flowers 5

Ralph Lauren silk ties. So chic! Love the way they are displayed.

This poppy painting really POPS!

This poppy painting really POPS!

It was fabulous to see how botanicals that occur so naturally have inspired countless painters, artists, and designers to create such beautiful things.


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