Turn Up the Volume

As a woman, I have always been inspired and energized  by great female vocalists. When I was a child and teenager I knew every word to most of  Carly Simon’s, Carole King’s and Stevie Nicks’ greatest hits. Bad days, break ups and horrible bosses ( I had a few but I won’t mention names) could not defeat me. I would soon be in my room or apartment with my good friend Stevie Nicks listening to ” Rooms on Fire” . The music would soon take me on a journey that was familiar to only me and I was clear from the storm.



Carly hasn’t got time for the pain…



Carole shows the world that she is beautiful.



Stevie Nicks, maybe she’s just thinking that the rooms are all on fire.


Watching the Grammys I loved seeing Sara Bareilles and Carole King join their amazing talents in a powerful duet combining their hits “Beautiful” and “Brave”. The soul of their voices and lyrics made me want to go on a long run or sit and sketch furniture in my studio for a dreamy foyer I am working on.


Carole King, Sara Bareilles

Sara and Carole sing an amazing duet.


I am listening to all of my girls today as I play catch up on a Monday. My friend Sheryl Crow would say, “like Steve Mcqueen all I need’s a fast machine and I’m gonna make it all right”. I need a fast machine about right now.



Sheryl the rock and roll California queen.


Mixing you,