The Green Scene

The human eye is most sensitive to the color green, and in summer there is a lot of green to be seen.

Green: A History of a Color, a new book by Michel Pastoureau, explains that the color has had an ambivalent place in history: a symbol of life, luck, and hope, but also disorder, greed, poison, and the devil. Not surprisingly, the color has been associated with all that is changeable and fleeting: childhood, love, and money.

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But green is a killer color to design with, especially since one variation, Emerald, was named Pantone’s Color of the Year last year.

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Isn’t Elizabeth Taylor fabulous in emeralds?!

One of my absolute favorite things about green is its ability to transcend style. A bold emerald can make a statement in a contemporary space or a muted chartreuse in a traditional space.


Hickory White

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Photo by Adrian Briscoe

It also transcends the space. Green is equally at home in a living room, a bathroom, or a kitchen.

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Genevieve Gorder

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Photo by Nathan Kirkman

In Green, Pastoureau (who also authored Blue  and Black) says that the history of the color is, to a large degree, one of dramatic reversals. Long absent, ignored, or rejected, green today has become a universal and soothing presence as the symbol of environmental causes and the mission to save the planet.

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We’re all going green!

You can see more of my favorite uses of green on my Green Tambourine pinboard. Mix in a little green into your home and see it spring to life!


Mixing you,