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Holiday imagery is all over the internet as luxury lines get their websites in the mood for shopping. These images provoke moods of romance and tradition and I find them luring me in as I shop online. Jo Malone is always first on my list for my mother. It may be time for a new […]

Garden Groove

Flowers are blooming and I am spending time on the porch and in the garden. I want to bottle all of the fresh inspiring scents that are in the air staying with them forever. I don’t know how to do that but I have some other ideas. The all over body and house treatment that […]

Winter Style

The low temperatures are really affecting this southern belle’s needs. When it gets super cold my mood changes from what I want to smell in my home to the moisturizer I use on my body. I even switch out the throws and pillows around the house. It’s really a cleansing process and I quite enjoy […]