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Closet Series Part 3… All that Fluff

The work is done now it’s time to have some fun. Do you want a neutral backdrop for your collection or a pop of color? I have done both for my clients and personally I popped a color. It’s your choice. A closet should be about you and your personal style. Everything in this space […]

Closet Series Part 1… Passion for Fashion

My passion for fashion started when I was a young girl. Shopping and dressing up in heels, hats, and costumes that were frothy and frilly was pure fun for me. I bought my first mink coat when I turned 16 with my own money. The ability to work hard to acquire things I wanted was […]

Little Luxuries

Life can throw you curve balls… little luxuries help me settle feelings of the unknown. My solace in little luxuries began at an early age . Pressed sheets, flowers from my mother’s garden and delicate nightgowns were a natural part of the bedroom. Preparing for some scheduled down time has set me on a shopping […]

Garden Groove

Flowers are blooming and I am spending time on the porch and in the garden. I want to bottle all of the fresh inspiring scents that are in the air staying with them forever. I don’t know how to do that but I have some other ideas. The all over body and house treatment that […]

Who me, a Floral?

As spring approaches I fall in love with color and flowers all over again … every year. Fresh flowers in the house, plans for the gardens, containers and decorating. Florals are patterns I rarely use yet I love flowers. So what is the problem?     I want to figure this out because in between […]

Own your Style

Long flights cause me to think a lot and thinking a lot makes me want to write. I enjoy making short lists of things I want and  need to do or simply journaling. My thoughts at this moment are about growing older gracefully. All of us have priorities that are unique to ourselves. I believe […]

Design Legends Series Part Three: Dorothy Draper

After studying up on Dorothy Draper I feel that visual imagery is the best way to understand her work. A beautiful woman who’s personal glamour was projected fearlessly into her “baroque fantasy” style of decorating.             Dorothy’s mix of patterns, cultures, and use of pure imagination created iconic interiors that […]

Design Legend Series Part Two: Rose Cumming

      Rose Cumming was an eclectic and electric personality with a glamorous style. Her gutsy clashing of bold colors, metallic wallpapers and glittering chandeliers makes me want to do some decorating! Pull out the floral chintz books, some solid satins, my Sabu leopard and let’s get going… I am in a Rosey state […]

Winter Style

The low temperatures are really affecting this southern belle’s needs. When it gets super cold my mood changes from what I want to smell in my home to the moisturizer I use on my body. I even switch out the throws and pillows around the house. It’s really a cleansing process and I quite enjoy […]

Holiday Nesting

This year I made a promise to myself, to slow down and smell the roses this Christmas. One of my busiest years ever is under my belt and I am now gearing up for another. The next two weeks I plan to enjoy my home and family. We renovated our kitchen years ago and still […]