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Holiday Nesting

This year I made a promise to myself, to slow down and smell the roses this Christmas. One of my busiest years ever is under my belt and I am now gearing up for another. The next two weeks I plan to enjoy my home and family. We renovated our kitchen years ago and still […]

Top 5 Design Rules to Break

I’m a rule breaker – it’s just in my genes. In my designs I love to take those design rules that all of us have heard and throw them to the wayside. So let’s mix it up with my Top 5 Design Rules to Break: 1. “Small Spaces Should Be Light Colors.” Yes, light colors […]

Allure of Flowers

We have amazing museums in Charlotte but one of my favorites is the Mint Museum in the heart of Uptown. I recently stepped in for a visit, drawn in by the new exhibit, “Allure of Flowers.” The exhibit focused on the use of flowers in design, fashion, and art. I love to use flowers in […]

Garden Gates

If you’ve been reading my blog any length of time, you know how passionate I am about gardening. I love to tour gardens throughout the South, particularly in cities that are renowned for them, like Savannah and Charleston. Even on a simple walk past private gardens, I always want to peek over the wall or […]

Bathing Beauties

A bathroom remodel is still the number-one renovation project for homeowners today. Redoing your bathroom is the perfect time to add the style and chic decor that you love from your favorite spa or boutique hotel. Bathrooms need to have that perfect mix of form and function, with style for miles and plenty of modern […]

Nautical and Nice

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I hope you were able to take a patriotic trip to the shore. Whether the lake or the ocean, this time of year is the perfect time to get nautical and set sail on the water. A glamorous cruise ship of the past like the stately Queen Elizabeth and […]

The Green Scene

The human eye is most sensitive to the color green, and in summer there is a lot of green to be seen. Green: A History of a Color, a new book by Michel Pastoureau, explains that the color has had an ambivalent place in history: a symbol of life, luck, and hope, but also disorder, […]

State of Mind

When people ask me where I get my inspirations for design, it makes me smile. I’ve said before that I find inspiration almost anywhere, but honestly growing up in the South provided me with an enormous array of ideas and inspirations to draw from. The historical architecture in the South is a mixture of French, […]

Summertime Fun

I think seasonal decor is just as important for the summer as it is for the winter holiday season. It’s time to lighten up for the warm weather, to have a little fun and not take things so seriously!   I like to add wicker and more natural materials to my interior designs during the […]

Leaving on a Jet Plane

What does an interior designer do when she is dealt the following cards for a living room:   Andy Warhol   Hunt Slonem     Fantastic Family Portrait   She hops on the next plane to New York to pound the pavement for 2 days. This is when the juices have to be flowing even […]