Bathing Beauties

A bathroom remodel is still the number-one renovation project for homeowners today. Redoing your bathroom is the perfect time to add the style and chic decor that you love from your favorite spa or boutique hotel.

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David Netto

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Gil Shafer via Architectural Digest

Bathrooms need to have that perfect mix of form and function, with style for miles and plenty of modern appointments. Today, bathroom staples – tub, sink, shower, and vanity – come in a gorgeous array of colors, sizes, and materials for infinite possibilities.

Whether a rustic haven like Gil Shafer’s design above, or elegant and contemporary like the Renee Gaddis design below, these in-home getaways take you away from the stress and complications in life and let you wash away your worries. It’s the ultimate Calgon moment!

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Renee Gaddis

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